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Keynote Speaker from CSRC

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CCPIT/CCOIC, Dallas Office News Release

For Immediate Release

March 8, 2005

For more information, contact: Michael Chang, Representative of CCPIT, 972-437-6321(O); 972-437-6037 (Fax), michaelchangusa@gmail.com

The Honorable Hu Yeshun, Consul General from China's Consulate in Houston will officially inaugurate the China-USA Business Forum in the Metroplex on March 14, 2005

    Chinese Association of Science and Technology and DFW-Asian American Citizens Council are also co-organizers for the FORUM

 DALLAS, Texas (March 8, 2005) ¨C CCPIT/CCOIC Dallas office announced today that the Honorable Hu Yeshun, Consul General of the People's Republic of China in Houston and the highest level diplomat from China in Southwest United States will inaugurate the China C USA Business Forum ( http://www.acfic.org ) on March 14, 2005 in the Metroplex.

     Mr. Hu Yeshun graduated from Beijing Foreign Languages Institute. Before arriving in Houston in 2002, Mr. Hu was counselor at the Chinese Embassy in Canada from 1999 to 2002, and Counselor and First Secretary at Department of American and Oceania Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs from 1996-1999. In his early diplomatic career, Mr. Hu has an experience of service in several other countries including Mexico, Republic of Togo, and Republic of Malta.

     Mr. Michael Chang, Representative of CCPIT in the Metroplex, said that this is another manifestation of the importance the Chinese government is attached to the Metroplex Forum. As the top diplomat from China in Southwest United States, Consulate General Hu is very successful in articulating the Chinese commercial interests on the one hand and work closely with mainstream USA on the other. I cannot think of anyone more suitable than Consulate General Hu in this capacity for the Forum.

     Accompanying Consulate General Hu is Chief Consul for Business in the Consulate in Houston, Mr. Jianpin Chen.

     CCPIT is also very pleased to announce that more powerful regional organizations in Texas, such as Chinese Association of Science and Technology (CAST) and DFW-Asian American Citizens Council (AACC) will also be organizers of this important FORUM.

     About CCPIT

   Established in May 1952, China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT) comprises VIPS, enterprises and organizations representing the economic and trade sectors in China. It is the most important and the largest institution for the promotion of foreign trade in China.

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·CCPIT/CCOIC, Dallas Office News Release
·Trading Information
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·Keynote Speaker from CSRC
·Trading Information
·CCPIT/CCOIC, Dallas Office News Release
·New Keynote Speaker
·Top Representative in Trade Arbitration
·Keynote Speaker from CSRC
·Consul General from China's Consulate wi
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