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Top Representative in Trade Arbitration will be Ke

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Top Representative in Trade Arbitration will be Keynote Speaker


CCPIT/CCOIC, Dallas Office News Release


For Immediate Release


March 1st, 2005  




 For more information, contact: Michael Chang, Representative of CCPIT, 972-437-6321(O); 972-437-6037 (Fax), michaelchangusa@gmail.com



Top Representative in Trade Arbitration From China Will Be A Keynote Speaker in the USA-China Business Forum In The Metroplex on March 14th


DALLAS, Texas (March. 1st, 2005) - CCPIT Dallas Office today announced that Mr. Huang He, Director General of the Legal Affairs Department, who is one of China's top experts in an area of profound importance in international trade, Trade Arbitration, will be one of the keynote speakers of the forthcoming USA-CHINA Business Forum (http://www.acfic.org ) in the Metroplex.


Mr. Huang's long-time engagement in foreign-related legal work and financial management enables him to have an intensive study in the field of commercial dispute conciliation, foreign-related arbitration, force merger and intellectual property affairs as well as profound knowledge in law, economic and trade policies, international trade custom, financial management and much experience in international trade practice.


 "The presence of Mr. Huang in the Metroplex signals a profound paradigm shift in business dealings in China since it became a member of World Trade Organization", according to Da Hsuan Feng, one of the co-chairs of the Forum. "The fact that CCPIT is sending its top representative in a critical area of international trade to the Forum also shows that China is placing enormous importance in our region's global economic

robustness and flexibility!"


 Mr. Huang obtained his bachelor's degree in economics from one of China's top universities, Renmin University and did post-graduate studies in Civil and Commercial Law. He is also an arbitrator and member of China's Law Society.




In July 1983 Mr. Huang joined the Department of Legal Affairs of CCPIT and assumed successively the positions as Deputy Director and later Director of the Trademark Affairs Office, General Affairs Office and Secretary Office for Trade Arbitration. In 1994 he was promoted to be the Deputy Director General of the Legal Affairs Department in charge of

accepting and consulting on arbitration cases, certification and authentication, ATA, general affairs, financial management and the legal work of the national CCPIT systems.


 From August 1997 to April 2000 he became Deputy General Manager of China Global Import and Export Corporation. Since May 2000 he became the Deputy Director General and later Director General of the Legal Affairs Department of CCPIT.


 Mr. Huang's other posts include Vice Chairman of China International Economic & Trade Arbitration Commission, Vice Chairman and Secretary General of the CCPIT/CCOIC Dispute Conciliation Center, Secretary General of Sino-American Commercial Dispute Conciliation Center and Secretary General of Sino-Canadian Commercial Dispute Conciliation Center.


 Mr. Huang has had his theses publicized on related academic publications, such as Opinions on Improving the Economic and Social Benefits of International Trade Arbitration, Some Thoughts on the Development of World Rules of Origin, Theory of Force Merger Certification. He has also led the compilation of Theory and Practice of Commercial Dispute Conciliation in China.

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·CCPIT/CCOIC, Dallas Office News Release
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