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Globalization is turning the big earth into a small village in the 21st century. The economic development in any country is impossible to be totally independent from the others. As the two largest economic powers in the Asia-Pacific region, the US and China have become more and more closely connected and dependent on each other from business and trade to cultural exchange. 


Many companies, large and small, in the DFW Metroplex have realized the enormous business potentials across the Pacific and are eagerly searching for opportunities to join this super-charged growing market. They want to develop more cooperation and make more deals with their counterparts in China in order to enhance their competitiveness in the world, which will also strengthen the local economy. China is DFW Metroplex number one trading partner with over $7.16 billion as of third quarter 2004. At the mean time, China needs to further improve their business practice in the international markets and will benefit tremendously by learning such expertise from the enterprises in the US.   


In order to facilitate and meet these strong needs for mutual benefits, the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT), American Chinese Federation of Industries and Commerce (ACFIC) and the University of Texas at Dallas will hold the “US-China Business Forum?in the DFW area. This large and exciting event will invite Experts from the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT ), Ministry of Finance China, and China Security Regulatory Commission and also a delegation from the People?/FONT>s Republic of China comprised of nearly 50 high-level individuals from private industry and governmental agencies will present on a variety of topics. These government officials and experts will present extensively on the laws and policies in China from trade and direct or joint venture investment to banking and financial markets of securities as well as protections of intellectual properties. They will address concerns and answer questions or provide solutions to problems for those companies which are ready or prepare to enter the Chinese markets. Accompanying these high-level officials is a big group of business executives and entrepreneurs coming from six provinces and two large cites. They will be able to immediately forge business and economic ties or develop partnership with the participants of the Forum.

           Keynote Speaker

                       Wei Zhang       Vice Chairman


                      He Huang        Director General , Department of Legal Affairs


                      Zhang, Jinling, Non-Executive Director General, Ministry of Finance

People’s Republic of China

Zhang, Sining, Deputy Director-General,

 Department of Listed Company Supervision of 

 China Security Regulatory Commission

                      Jiang, Renhuan, Vice-Mayor, City of Jiaxing, China


This is the first time for he China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT) to bring such a large and distinguished delegation to the southern US. We hope this prominent forum will play a significant role and become a unique platform for promoting the cooperation, development and exchanges in a wide scale for the companies in China and the DFW area.  

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